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How It Works

Klickbooks has changed the traditional concept of lending library and taken the library system to next level. We deliver books to the readers doorstep. The reader can choose the books of their likings from his/her desktop, laptop or mobile, and place the order to lend. We deliver the book to the reader within 24 hours from the time of placing the order.

To become a member, one can choose from the three different membership plans mentioned. Based on the plan chosen a member can take 1, 3 or 5 books at a time, from the library. Membership can be taken for a year or a member can renew the membership every month based on their convenience.

Life @ Klickbooks

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membership Plans


1 Book at a time

500.00/ Month
200.00 / Month
3000.00/ Half Year
1000.00 / Half Year
6000.00/ Year
2000.00 / Year

Caution deposit 200.00

Free Pickup or Delivery/week: 1

Charges for extra
Pickup or Delivery:50.00


3 Books at a time

750.00/ Month
400.00 / Month
4500.00/ Half Year
1600.00 / Half Year
9000.00/ Year
3200.00 / Year

Caution deposit 500.00

Free Pickup or Delivery/week: 1

Charges for extra
Pickup or Delivery: 50.00


5 Books at a time

1000.00/ Month
600.00 / Month
6000.00/ Half Year
2500.00 / Half Year
12000.00/ Year
5000.00 / Year

Caution deposit 1000.00

Free Pickup or Delivery/week: 2

Charges for extra
Pickup or Delivery: 50.00



I joined the library for the offers thatt hey gave. I liked the ambience. They were quite fast in buying a new book that I recommended. Hope they continue the trend. I liked the library and their service. I wish them very best



both my kids love to read a lot. Buying books, even if it is second hand, is expensive. Some of the existing libraries don't offer a wide range of kids books. The subsciption plans are very good value for money. For the cost of one book, my kids and me can read five or six books. Also, I love the ambience of library. It is worth visiting. I just miss a coffee and snacks

Dr. Arun


in the age of handhelds devices, it is really amazing to find businesses still wanting to serve people like me who love reading from a book. I find reading from a screen difficult and feel is harmful for my eyes. Happy to see such a wonderful library in Calicut.”